Rendez-vous aux Jardins - 30, 31 May, 1 June 2008 : "Travelling Plants"

Albert Néel with shrubs and the dovecote at Yville

Welcome to the Trial Gardens at Yville

Dear visitor,

The Ilex genus offers an extremely varied range of subjects, from 30cm to 20m high, with different leaves ranging from very spiny to perfectly smooth, with yellow, red, black berries. They grow in shade or sun, but are more showy in the sun.

Here in Yville, I grow each different variety in shade and in sun, on both acid and basic soil, to test them. More than 200 individual varieties have already been planted, and I am also multiplying them.

The complete list of our Hollies, with some photos, can be seen by clicking here (the Holly collection) or below. If you wish to come to Yville to see them, I will welcome you with pleasure. I do not sell anything: I simply exchange plants and knowledge.


Albert Néel
Ferme du Chateau d'Yville
125 rue des Paradis
76530 Yville-sur-Seine

Tel : +33 235 37 69 87
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